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AW Aircraft & Airships to 1919
Avro Aircraft
AW Siskin-III
Siddeley-Deasy Aviation
AS Puma
Armstrong Siddeley


Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft (AWA) built aircraft designed by the Royal Aircraft Factory and some designed for them by Frederick Koolhaven, all aircraft production ended in 1919.


Siddeley-Deasy also produced Royal Aircraft Factory designed aircraft and a considerable number of aero-engines.
Most of them to their own design.


In 1919 the aviation manufacturing capability of Armstrong Whitworth and Siddeley Deasy were combined into a new company known as Armstrong Whitworth Development Co (1919). The vehicles they produced were called Armstrong Siddeley's whilst the Siddeley Deasy aero-engines became known as Armstrong Siddeley Aero-engines, all of the aircraft of both companies became known as Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft, usually shortened to AWA.


In 1928 the aircraft company of A.V. Roe (Avro) was acquired from Crossley Motors. Avro was operated as a separate company within Armstrong Siddeley and went on to produce the famous Avro Lancaster bomber.

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