Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft from 1919

In 1919 Armstrong Whitworth (AW) acquired Siddeley-Deasy (S-D), subsequently, all AW aircraft production was moved to Coventry under the management of John Siddeley at the S-D aircraft facility. Because AW aircraft had gained a strong marketing image during WWI all subsequent Coventry produced aircraft were marketed under the name of Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft (AWA).


Below you will find links to some of the more famous AW aircraft produced subsequent to 1919, the descriptions of the aircraft are not exhaustive in technical details but give a good general outline of them together with background and anecdotal insights into the aircraft and their flying history.


For full technical descriptions of these aircraft we recommend Oliver Tappers book " Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft since 1913", currently out of print but used copies are available from Amazon.

AWA Siskin
Armstrong Whitworth Atlas in flight.jpg
AWA Atlas
AWA Argosy


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