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The Trusts objectives

1904. Siddeley. Tonneau, Twin-cylinder, 12 h.p. Reg No H 1864. Photo at the 2009 LBVCR_edi
Education of the public in the history of Armstrong Siddeley, its associated companies, manufacturing and products.
To preserve all aspects of J D Siddeley's achievements in the motor & aero industries


Establishment and maintenance of an archive to assist the fulfillment of this aim.

Armstrong_Whitworth_AW-660_Argosy_E1,_UK_-_Air_Force_AN2260199 wiki commons.jpg
Armstrong-Siddeley_Lynx_IV_on_Avro_504N-min flipped.jpg
On this site, you will find images and details of the motor cars, aero engines & aircraft that John Siddeley was responsible for.
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Armstrong Siddeley 1930 20hp long tourer maroon v2 3 by 2 v2-min.jpg
HHH 1 Cropped.jpg


Telephone: 01189 832524


Iain Campbell - Chairman

Southleigh, Reading Road,

Burghfield Common, Berkshire,


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