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Welcome to The Armstrong Siddeley Heritage Trust

.Whenever talk turns to Armstrong Siddeley most people think of luxurious motor cars, however, they also built Armstrong Whitworth aircraft and Armstrong Siddeley aero-engines. 

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Whilst the Armstrong Siddeley Car Club has successfully catered for many years to keep the remaining cars on the road The Armstrong Siddeley Heritage Trust’s prime role is to provide for posterity and the enjoyment of future generations the means and organisation to safeguard the names, records and products of all the companies that came under the direction of John Siddeley.

John Siddeleys involvement in transport preceded the advent of the motor cars with bicycles and tubular tyres progressing to build Peugeot inspired motor cars, continuing with Wolseley-Siddeley cars then onto Siddeley-Deasy motors. Whilst at the helm of Siddeley-Deasy he became involved with Aero-Engine production and finally the manufacture and design of aircraft.

After the first world war, John realised that he needed the security of a much larger manufacturing organisation to survive the overproduction that the war had created. To this end, he engineered the creation of Armstrong Siddeley Motors from a merger of Siddeley-Deasy and Armstrong Whitworth. Once this new organisation was up and running he persuaded the parent company that there was a future in the aircraft industry and caused the Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft company to be brought back into the business.

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Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire
​The trust's objectives are to:


To advance the education of the public in the history of Armstrong Siddeley, its associated companies, manufacturing and products.


To preserve for all time a comprehensive archive that illustrates all aspects of J D Siddeley's achievements in the infant motor & aero industries and in Armstrong Siddeley, its associated companies, their development, ideas, people, documents and artefacts of historical significance.


Also to capture the wider industrial developments that took place during the first half of the 20th century.


Establishment and maintenance of an archive to assist the fulfillment of this aim.

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How to contact the Heritage Trust
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General enquires should be sent to:



Tel 01189 832524


Iain Campbell - Chairman

Southleigh, Reading Road,

Burghfield Common, Berkshire,


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