When described by his contemporaries it was often stated that he was a disciplinarian, autocratic but fair and certainly not ruthless. He is recorded to have been at times of fiery temper and certainly did not suffer fools gladly, although he was frequently observed to be a ' very private man'.


Confident in his own ability, hard working and with a determination to make a profit for the company and himself, he expected those in his employ to be fully committed to the enterprise. Equally, he provided generously the facilities for their recreation and leisure.

From today's standpoint and having access to many of his private papers we discover how much home and family meant to him. The depth of his caring and generosity to deserving causes and to needy individuals can also be seen. Many in the Coventry area benefited directly or indirectly from John's kindness.


Sir John and Lady Elizabeth Siddeley spent the last years of their retirement in their home on the Island of Jersey.  Elizabeth passed away on the 18th day of October 1953 and John, the following month, on the 3rd of November 1953.


There is still a close relationship with the Siddeley family today.  Derek Ainscow the great, great grandson of John Siddeley is President of the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club and Armstrong Siddeley Heritage Trust is honoured to have the support of Randle Siddeley, 4th Baron Kenilworth as our patron.

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