Armstrong Siddeley Four Fourteen and the 15hp

During the nineteen twenties two schools of thought emerged regarding motor engine design, one opinion favoured the overhead valve (ohv) configuration which arguably developed more power for a given cubic capacity. The second opinion considered that a side-valve layout was the way to go with lower manufacturing costs and easier maintenance by the less skilled labour force that was found away from the main dealer networks.


Equally the debate of four versus a six-cylinder layout added further to this quandary; six cylinders certainly generated more torque, a real consideration when crash gearboxes proliferated and high torque meant fewer gear changes per mile.  Finally, there was perhaps a snobbish one-upmanship in saying “of course my car has six cylinders”.

Armstrong Siddeley were no strangers to this debate producing at first a 4 cylinder 14hp ohv engine car and then subsequently offered a side vale 15hp in an identical motor car, indeed both models were advertised in the same company brochure side by side, see the reproduction of the 192X brochure below.


4 14 Mk II Costwold Tourer

Throughout the production run of both motor cars, the chassis only option was available for a prospective owner to have body fitted to the own design by their favourite coachbuilder, alternatively, the in-house coachbuilder of Burlington produced a wide range of body options.


These ranged from simple two to three seat bodies complete with a dicky seat for occasional passengers, this type was available as a closed or drophead coupe; four to six-seat tourers and owner-driver saloons. The range was completed with chauffeur driven limousines complete with a glass division, speaking tube and ocasional seatss. Landaulette versions being a further option.

All were equipped to the same high standard as the companies larger models.

Armstrong Siddeley 4 14 Chassis plan vie
Armstrong Siddeley 4 14 1927 Broadway Sa
4 14 Mk II 1927 Broadway Saloon
Armstrong-Siddeley 4 14hp1925 Chiltern-c
4 14 Chiltern Coupe
Armstrong Siddeley 14 4 1925 Cotswold To
4 14 1926 Cotwold Tourer
Armstrong Siddeley 1926 4 14 Tourer.jpg
4 14 Mk II 1927 Cotswold Tourer
4 14 MkII Mendip 2 3 Seater
Armstrong Siddeley 4 14Mk II Mendip 2 3
4 14 MkII Mendip 2 3 Seater
4 14hp leaf one.JPG


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