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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Workers transport - part two.

Continuing with our tour around the perimeter of the Armstrong Siddeley factory at Parkside, Coventry, we follow Quarry Road as it curves away from the factory with the cemetery wall on our right. The sketch map shows a triangle of waste ground and it is here we believe that this picture was taken.

The variety of makes and age of vehicles are a delight for the avid classic car buff. Austin, Ford, Vauxhall, Morris, Riley, Standard, Wolseley and one or two others which are more difficult to identify. Note to the left of the picture a couple of motorcycles and the bicycles left against the fence.

Sharp eyed viewers may have noticed the Sphinx Social Club marked on the sketch map above.

Siddeley-Deasy and Armstrong Siddeley were always keen to make facilities for use by staff and workers if they so wished in their out of working hours. This picture encapsulates the activities of the Sphinx Car club. On this night time adventure it is the turn of the apprentices. Probably more directed to navigational skills rather than out and out speed, though recalling one's youth, one wonders. No 'Sat Nav' to help back then!


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