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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

To start us off this week, in the first advert below, we have an attractive 12hp coachbuilt saloon which again features the lady driver; and my word she does look pleased with life.

The second advert features the 15hp cars, the other best seller at the time.

The featured Sports Saloon body style cost only £20 more than the coachbuilt saloon in our first offering. As well as the desirable self changing gears they both have two further useful technical innovations, central chassis lubrication and the very useful, but hope not to be used too often, permanently fitted jacks

To complete this group we have an advert with educational overtones. Cruising at a smooth and sweet 50mph may seem to us today as rather tame, but we must remember that there were relatively few long stretches of major or dual carriage way roads in the early 1930s. Most driving would be on local roads, especially the lower horse power rated cars. Probably the longest trip would have been the great summer holiday outing to the coast. As one neared the coast and caught up with the other motorists heading the same way, these preselect gears would really come into their own.


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