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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

According to British Pathe cinema newsreels of the time, taken at the Earls Court Show - 'Cars were -Hard to Get- and at High and Mighty Prices'

The 1952 Motor Show at Earls Court tended to concentrate on the family car and most offerings from the established manufacturers Austin, Morris Ford and Standard were updated versions of those available through the latter years of the forties. As one of the few completely new cars launched that year it is hardly surprising that the motoring press were anxious to test and comment on the Armstrong Siddeley 346. Laying aside the tendency for trade magazines and papers to promote the manufacturers favourably with a view to securing advertising, it is interesting to note that in several objective trials the cars faired very well.

The twin Carburettor version gave a top speed of 103mph and 0 to 60 was achieved in 12.8 seconds with braking performance to match. This may not seem special today, but remember that many small family cars took over 30 seconds to reach 55mph plus. Hence the expression 'downhill and with a tail wind to 60'

Mike Couper, a keen and very experienced driver who had participated in a number of Monte Carlo rallies was also the owner of a garage business having an Armstrong Siddeley dealership. In November 1953 he took a 346 on a reconnaissance trip in preparation for the upcoming January 1954 Monte Carlo event. The advert pictured above published in The Autocar magazine of February 1954 shows the result.


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