Armstrong Siddeley Motors

When the Great War of 1914-18 came to an end Siddeley Deasy, a relatively small but very successful aircraft and motor car company found itself, along with the rest of British industry, with an empty order book and spare capacity.


Armstrong Whitworth found itself in the same situation and considered that its huge aircraft production capacity
was something of a liability.


John Davenport Siddeley, the managing director of Siddeley Deasy, believed that there was a considerable future in aircraft manufacture and as such he approached Armstrongs with a view to combing both company’s aircraft and motor car production capabilities. The outcome was the formation in 1919 of Armstrong Siddeley, with all of Armstrong's aircraft and motor production facilities joining those of Deasy in the new company with J. D. Siddeley as managing director.

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Siddeley Autocar 1904
Siddeley Autocar
1902 - 1919
Armstrong Siddeley 30hp
Armstrong Siddeley 
1919 -1960
Armstrong Whitworth Saloon
Armstrong Whitworth
1902 - 1919
Pavesi  Tractor
Armstrong Siddeley 
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