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Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane Gallery

The Hurricane drophead coupe was announced to the public in 1945 with a three position hood. The options were fully enclosed, which with winding glass side windows gave full weather protection, a rolled back section that exposed the front passengers to the elements, and a full convertible position. Examples can be seen in the first three images in the gallery below. Also of note is the very small rear window which can be seen in the final image, compare it to the modern hood version in the image that precedes it. 

Click on an image for an expanded view

NP 1 A3.jpg
H 4 (2) resize 2-min.jpg
LOX 1 A3.jpg
AS 056 A3.jpg
H 3 (2).jpg
CF 1 1946 A3 resize.jpg
H 2 (2) a.jpg
AS 1 A3.jpg
Grey cdv.jpg
H 4 (2) resize 2-min.jpg
Roof-folded-back-and-suicide-doors-compliment-the-amazing-design-of-the-front-wings A3 res
IMG_3017 (2) 18hp Hurricane.jpg
H 5 (2) a.jpg
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