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Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster Gallery

The Lancaster saloon, along with the Hurricane drophead coupe, was announced to the public in May 1945. The car had a body of a striking appearance mounted on new chassis, complete with independent front suspension The engine and transmission of the pre-war 16hp saloon were utilised with the Zenith carburettor being replacing a Stromberg. 

Delivery of the new Lancaster commenced in 1946 and continued through to 1952. From 1949 onwards the Lancaster became available with the larger 18hp engine.

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Armstrong Siddeley 16hp Lancaster
JNL 2mp Doc A3.JPG
Paint 3 (3).jpg
Looks like a Lancaster to me GP (3) 1.JP
Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster
JNL 2 O 2MP  mutch redueced published (3

The spare wheel & tools are housed behind the rear number plate. The bumper bar is lowered once the knurled nuts are loosed at each end. The compartment is opened by the handles on either side of the number plate.

NPG 65 Publish 1.JPG
NPG 65 No5 resize 2 (2).jpg
NPG 65 No6 (3) 1.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley lancaster
JNL engine 2mp (3) 205K.jpg
JNL 4.jpg

The interior of most Lancasters were trimmed in high quality leather, however, in 1947 some cars were delivered with the rear compartment finished in Bedford cord. 

GDC Back Front Seat 1200 (2).jpg
Lancaster Rear Seats
Lanc Dash 1 Published (2).JPG

A selection of Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster publicity images from 1948

Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster
L1 - Copy.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster

Red was not a colour offered in 1947, the options were: Black, Navy Blue, Turquoise Blue, Grey, Maroon, Faun.

IMG_1963 (1) 3 to 2 and 2MP document.JPG
Red Lancaster Countryside Square on 2MP
Red Lanc pub paint 3 to 2.jpg

Some images from the 1947 Lancaster brochure

B 1 (2).JPG
B 2 (2).JPG
Glove Box (3).JPG
Front suspension (2).JPG
c3 (2).JPG
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