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The other products of Armstrong Siddeley

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Military work. Circa 1920


The Flickless Projector. Circa 1920.

Probably the most unlikely project ever worked on by Armstrong Siddeley, click the image to find about it

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Pavasi Tractor. Circa 1926.

Armstrong built a prototype tractor under license from the Italia Pavasi company.


Rail Cars. Circa 1933.

Armstrong Siddeley worked on a Rail Car running on rubber wheels, click the image for more details.

The following topics are under preparaton.

Improved gears preselective gear box. Circa 1927.

Text in preparation.

High Duty Alloys.  Circa 1928.

Text in preperation.

Burney Streamliner power plant. Circa 

Text in preparation.

Autogyro power plant. Circa 1934.

Text in preparation.

Coventry railcar. Circa 1935

Text prepared 

Small diesel engines. Circa ?

Research in progress.

Other products produced from 1936/7 under Hawker Siddeley Banner ?

Contract for new type of Diesel engine, Licence for SRM auto hydraulic transmissions (1950), Aero gas turbine. Car experiment? taken over from Vickers, Sapphire jet engine, Turbojet, Rocket engines.


Other products under Bristol Siddeley Banner.
Rocket motors, Gas bearing circulators for the nuclear industry, Proteus engine used for electric generation, in powerboats +++.  Maybach diesel, Compression ignition engines - air cooled. Marine engines, Auxiliary power units for aircraft, Sphinx Sports car T. Sopwith. Roots alpine project. 

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