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Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Gallery

During the early 1930s, motorcar technology was evolving rapidly, leaving the 15hp model looking a little long in the tooth even though it was constantly updated. To remedy the situation a new model, known as the 17hp, was introduced in 1934; this model had an overhead valve engine, improved chassis and suspension and a range of new body styles.

The new bodies were available with either a Short Wheelbase (SWB), Standard Wheelbase or Long Wheelbase (LWB) chassis to accommodate a variety of different body styles; these included, a six-light Saloon, a four-light Sports saloon, a four-seat two-door Sporting Foursome, a Tourer and Limousine and Landallet versions all from the in-house Burlington company. Rolling chassis were also available for customers to take to their favourite coachbuilder to have a body of their own style produced. 

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aab 21935 17hp_edited.jpg
AFG 1 17hp.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Dark Blue 1 compressed.jpg

These three 17hp examples are models introduced in 193X showing the in house Burlington coach built saloon.

Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Maltby dhc.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley-17hp-Maltby-2.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley-17hp-Maltby.jpg

The 17 was available as a running chassis to outside coach builder, this tourer is an example from Maltby of Sandgate

Armstrong Siddeley 1935 Sports Foursome blue 2.jpg
Sports Foursome Reading Bridge 6_edited.jpg
Aremstrong Siddeley 1935 Sports Foursome Black.jpg

The 17 was also available with this rather charming two-door four seater Burlington body known as the Sports Foursome.

1935 17hp Salmons Tickford.jpg
1935 17hp Salmons Tickford Laudaulette2.jpg
1935 17hp Salmons Tickford Laundalette.jpg

This model is by Salmons with their Tickford open body that is operated by turning a handle in the rear quarter-panel

Aus 2 1937-armstrong-siddeley-17hp-four-light-saloon reduced.jpg
17hp Atalanta v4 150 up.jpg
EU 1 1936_Armstrong_Siddeley_17_Tickford_drophead_coupe.jpg

Different 17hp bodies, Australian (unknown maker), Burlington Atalanta body and a Tickford drop head coupe

AOX 4 1934 17hp v3.jpg
1935-armstrong-siddeley-17hp Tickford6.jpg
GD 1 1935 17perhaps Salmons Tickford 5.jpg
AOX 2 1934 17hp interior (2).jpg
GD 4 1935 17perhaps Salmons Tickford 6 2.jpg
1935-armstrong-siddeley-17hp Tickford4 crop rightg.jpg

Interior details from some of the motorcars that has suvived to this day, they were all finshed to a very high standard

AUS 3 1937-armstrong-siddeley-17hp-four-light-saloon #2.jpg
E 1 17hp engine N-S view.JPG
Sports Foursome Engine reduced.jpg

All of the different body styles came fitted with the same engine, see the panel below for more information

Technical details

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17hp Tech Data v4.jpg

Slide show of some brochures published by Armstrong Siddeley motors

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