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Siddeley Special Gallery

1934 saw Armstrong Siddeley unveiling a new model that was to be known simply as the Siddeley Special Six. By dropping the Armstrong from the model name John Siddeley would appear to be making this simple statement "this is my car, one that meets my personal high standards combined with technical excellence and passenger comfort all at a reasonable price". Some have dubbed it as an old mans folly, others compared it to a white elephant; whatever it had the quality and comfort of a Rolls Royce for half the price.

DLH 1 1934 Siddeley Special Burlington Body (2).jpg
Siddeley Special Sports Saloon
Siddeley Special with Burlington Body.jpg

In keeping with ASMs normal tradition the Special Six was available with a variety of Burlington bodies, above are some surviving examples. There was also a rolling chassis for customers who wanted the car to be clothed in a body of their own design by their favourite coach builder. Some examples are given below.

Siddeley Special (2) up to 150-min.jpg
KV 4  5824 SIDDELEY SPECIAL SIX 1933-M.jpg

This car is a Burlington bodied Special that was converted by Salmons and Son into a Tickford Landaulette.

BUW 7 1935 Siddeley Special 1 up to 120.jpg
Siddeley Special
1935 Sidelley Special

This Special carries a body by Vanden Plas, the pram handles are for show only as the roof cannot be fully reclined.

1935 Siddeley Special Rear Seat.jpg
1935 Siddeley Special
BUW 7 1335 Siddeley Special Door interior.jpg

The luxuriously appointed interior of the same Vanden Plas motor car.

Siddely Special Vanden Plas Tourer
Siddeley Special Burlington.jpg

Three more survivors, a Vanden Plas Tourer, a Burlington Sports Saloon (in Australia) and a Burlington Limousine 

BUW 7 1935 Siddeley Special engine near side jp.jpg
1935 siddeley-special engine top side-min.jpg
1935 Siddeley Special engine off side jpeg 2.jpg

The six cylinder ohv engine had a cubic capacity of 4906cc, with the main engine castings being built with an aluminium alloy known as "Hiduminium" which was developed for strength, durability and lightness for use in aero engines.


For full details see the technical data panel below.

Chassis V6-min.jpg

The chassis was a double-down swept configuration with deep side members and well gusseted joints stiffened by tubular and pressed steel cross members.

Dashboard 1.jpg

The fingertip clutch less gear controls 

BUW 7 1935 Siddeley Special Interior.jpg

The comprehensive instrumentation

Dashboard 2.jpg

Comfortable seating for a long drive

Siddeley Special with Hooper body
Hooper Body on a Siddeley Special chasiss
Diddeley Special with Mulliner body.jpg

These images are of a Hooper bodied Special that was supplied new to the Italian Count Natale Labia. for full details of the interesting history of this car please click the button below.

The Prince of Denmark - Sidedeley Special 1932 jpg
Gaisford or Lancefield design car unknown (6) 3_InPixio.jpg
Gaisford or Lancefield design car unknown  Lancefield brochure image 2.jpg
Lancefield Streamlined Sports Saloon 1934 Front view  5.jpg

These images are of a 1934 Siddeley Special with a Lacefield Streamlined Sports Saloon body, perhaps not body beautiful but certainly striking. There are luggage compartments fitted into the front wings.

Siddeley'Special' Thrupp & Maberly Saloon reduced 1-min reduced up 120.jpg
Siddeley Specian Sedanica De Ville.jpg
Siddeley'Special' Vanden Plas Sports Open Tourer reduced-min.jpg

For full details see the technical data panel below.

Technical Data Panel

Technical details.JPG
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