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Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire Gallery

By 1958 the company felt that the 346 range required an update. Funds devoted to an all new model and the need to move forward to mass production methods were not forthcoming, so a stopgap car based on the 346 was designed and manufactured. This car was named the Star Sapphire and it was a much updated and improved vehicle. It was now fitted with a redesigned and enlarged engine, revamped suspension, disc brakes, and a fully automatic Borg-Warner three speed transmission. Only 903 Saloons and 77 Limousines were produced.

These six images are of surviving Star Sapphires, note the different dual tone treatment in the last one.

BB 3.jpg
HP 1.jpg
BB 2.jpg
XPB 1 2.jpg
SUX 1.jpg

The interior of the Star was finished to a very high standard, the upholstery was also available in dual tone colours

Star Int 5.jpg
Int 4.jpg
Star Int 6.jpg

A seven seat limousine was introduced in 1960, note the raised boot lid compared to the saloon version. 

ARK 41960 Star limo ontheclock.mecum.jpg 4.JPG

These images were produced by the publicity department continuing John Siddeleys belief in the power of advertising  

Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire
Armstrong Siddeley Star Shppire and Argosy
Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire
Star and Argosy
Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire
Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire

The engine bay and the comprehensive tool kit neatly housed in a slide out tray in the luggage compartment

engine bay (2)-min.JPG
Star tool tray jpeg.jpg
engine bay (1)-min.JPG

In 1960 Armstrong Siddeley Motors was merged into the newly formed Bristol Siddeley company. At this stage, the Star production was running at 11 cars per month on which there was a loss of £70 on each car produced. Additionally, there needed to be a new model to keep up with the competition, this would have required an investment of some £1.25M. Because of the huge investment that was required with no certainty the new model would sell in any number the board of the new company decided to cease car production as soon as was commercially possible, the last car left the factory on the 31st of July 1960.

MK 2 4.jpg
MK 2 3.jpg
MK 2 5.jpg

The car that should have replace to Star, not very different in appearance, note the twin headlamps and the large boot lid.

Technical Details

Star sapphire technical details reduced.jpg

This is a copy of a high quality brochure promoting the Limousine version, click on the red arrow to open.

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