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Armstrong Siddeley Motor Cars of the 1940s

Late in WW2, the government gave the company permission to consider the types of car they wished to produce when the war was over. A small team was given the task and it is reported they needed some encouragement to take on the job as they felt they were not pulling their weight with the war effort. 

Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster
1947 16hp Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster Saloon

In the May 11th 1945 edition of 'The Autocar' the first two versions of the strikingly different range of cars was announced. Export or die was the name of the day and it is not surprising that the designers looked to America for styling cues.


These 16HP cars had the excellent 2 ltr improved pre-war engine which would later be enlarged to 2.3 ltr and designated 18HP.


Named after wartime aircraft the Hurricane coupe and the Lancaster six light saloon were first on the road and would soon be followed by the Typhoon two-door saloon and the Whitley four light saloon which became a six light saloon shortly before production of this range of models ceased in 1953. There was also a limousine variant and two types of utility vehicle.

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40's cars
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