Armstrong Siddeley Aero-Engines

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Armstrong Siddeley were leaders in developing air-cooled radial aero-engines in the interwar period of the twentieth century, their Jaguar model was the worlds first production aero-engine to have a supercharger.

They produced a range of single and double row radials that were named after cats: Jaguar, Lynx etc. There was also a  range of triple row radials under development which came to an untimely end when the Parkside works were bombed in the Coventry Blitz of 1940.

With the advent of the jet age, they developed the Sapphire jet engine that went into production to power many different aircraft and the double-mamba turboprop engine that powered the Fairy Gannet anti-submarine aircraft. There was also made the Stentor rocket motor that powered the Blue Steel stand-off missile.



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