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 Armstrong Siddeley 346 Sapphire

The Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346 having a full width body of classic design was produced as a saloon and on a lengthened chassis as a limousine. The saloon was available having four side windows with enclosed rear quarters, (designated four light) or having six side windows, (designated six light). At the time these were motor trade terms that had not yet become familiar to the buying public and often caused a little confusion at the point of sale.

BS 2_InPixio.jpg
346 Limo 2 cropped_InPixio-min.jpg

The four-light sapphire accounted for just 381 cars out of a production run of 7,697, accordingly very few of these cars are still on the road today; here are some examples.

Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346 1954 4 light 2_InPixio-min-min.jpg
4 light 1 widescreen_InPixio-min-min.jpg
BL 1 1953-armstrong-siddeley-sapphire-mark-1 #1 widescreen_InPixio-min-min.jpg

The following images are of the six-light Saloon

PVC 1_InPixio-min.jpg
Gn 1 Brighterf  Photo_big_Armstrong-siddeley_Saphir_1973_4195_1 (1)_InPixio-min.jpg
BS 2_InPixio_InPixio-min.jpg

These action photographs are taken from an article in the Car and Classic magazine. Photo credit Car and Classic

HHH 1_InPixio-min.jpg
Classic & Sports Car – How the other half lived – Bentley MkVI vs Armstrong Siddeley Sapph
HHH 2_InPixio-min.jpg

Armstrong Siddeley Motors period advertising images

CC19  030  New Sapphir (Pub Shot) 23.3.1955 10Mb Resize 1_InPixio.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 346_InPixio 3_InPixio.jpg
ASM 1 armstrong_siddeley_346-sapphire-publicity-shot.jpg

A Limousine version was introduced in 1955 and featured a longer wheelbase and increased headroom, in all some 381 examples were produced.

346 Limo 1 1956.jpg
346 limo 4.jpg
346 Limo 1 1956_InPixio.jpg
346 Limo 6.jpg
346 Limo 7.jpg
346 Limo 8.jpg

The 346 Sapphire was initially available with either a manual or pre-select gearbox, from 1954 an automatic option was also available, the following images show the layout each type of gearbox selector.

346 manual cropped_InPixio 2MP_InPixio-min.jpg

Manual Gearbox

346 early pre-select_InPixio paint COMPRESSED_InPixio-min.jpg

Automatic Gearbox

246 late pre-select 2mp-min.jpg

Pre-select Gearbox

The following images show the diversity of bodies that were mounted on the versatile, 346 Sapphire chassis.

ASM Pick up 3.1.1956 3 to 2_InPixio_InPixio 2MP_InPixio-min.jpg
CC1 SA 2678 Helston Limo Ambulance Reduced to 2MP cropped-min.jpg
Sapphire Hearse  9.2.1956 3 to 2 cropped_InPixio_InPixio 2.5 mp_InPixio-min.jpg
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