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Armstrong Siddeley 12 h.p. Gallery

Armstrong Siddeley announced a completely new car at the 1929 London Olympia Motor Show, it had a 12hp six-cylinder engine. Initially, there were three body types a salon, a tourer and a two-three seat Drop Head Coup, the bodies were not produced in-house but sub-contracted to Holbrook. 

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Armstrong Siddeley 12hp 1931 2 seater with words_InPixio v2.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 12hp 1931 tourer.jpg
1930 Armstrong Siddeley 12hp Sunshine Saloon_InPixio nature.jpg
12 HP 1931 Tourer KJ 3009 (2)_InPixio_InPixio-min.jpg
Armstrong_Siddeley_12hp_1929 Tourer ex Colin Hope (2).jpg
12 HP 1931 Tourer kJ 3009 (1).jpg

The first models had a flat front radiator with the traditional V-shaped being adopted for some models from 1931. It was around this time that the bodies were built at the Armstrong Siddeley Parkside works by Burlington the in-house coachbuilder. 

1933 Armstrong Siddeley 12 6 saloon (5)_InPixio-min words-min.jpg
1934 Armstrong Siddeley 12hp saloon 2 (4) 5 words-min.jpg
1934-armstrong-siddeley-12hp-ruskin-bodied-saloon with words.jpg
1935 12hp-min.jpg
1934 Armstrong Siddeley 1p with Ausralian body_InPixio words-min.jpg
1934 Armstrong Siddeley 1p with Ausralian body.jpg 2.jpg 4_InPixio words.jpg

A sports Coupe was added to the range in late 1933 followed a year later by a sports tourer.

1935 Armstrong Siddeley Sporting Coupe-min.jpg
12654 (2) credit Auto Zine.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 12hp 1936 sports tourer 2_InPixio words.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 12hp 1936 sports tourer 5 compressed-min.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 12hp 1936 sports tourer with words-min.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 12hp 1936 sports tourer 7-min.jpg
DK 9958 Interior Image 2MP.JPG
1934 Armstrong Siddeley 1p with Ausralian body 3 by 3-min.jpg
1933 12 hp coupe (5).jpg

The first models had a six-cylinder side-valve engine with a  capacity of 1,236cc, transmission was via a three-speed crash gearbox with a pre-select gearbox available for an extra £25. With the introduction of models with heavier bodies, it became necessary to increase the engine size to 1,434cc. In 1935 the 12hp model was succeeded by the 14hp model. 

1933 12 hp coupe (1) 4 by 3.jpg
engine (2) 4by 3.jpg
Technical details v7JPG.JPG
Technical details v8JPG.JPG

Throughout 1931 and 1933 continuous improvements were made the 12hp range of cars as follows:

1931 December, a new12hp Deluxe model was introduced with 4 speed pre-select gearbox and a V shaped radiator shell. This model . The Economy model was continued with 3 speed pre-select and flat radiator.

On both models the fuel tank was moved to the rear of the car, now of 9 gallon capacity and a mechanical fuel pump installed on the near side of the engine


1932 February the 12hp Economy became available as ether Saloon or Coachbuilt Saloon both now with V radiator shell. The deluxe model was available with the option four different bodies:

Coachbuilt Saloon, Sports Saloon, Open Tourer or 2/3seater dhc.

Jun 1932 Stainless steel valve introduced, these were deemed to be more hard wearing.


1932 July, a covered luggage grid introduced. This was concealed inside the boot lid, which could be lowered into the open position, where suitcases could be secured to the grid with leather straps.


1932 October, the induction manifolds changed from being externally mounted to be internally mounted. The carburettor now bolted to an extension of the exhaust manifold. The shape of the ports was changed with larger valves which gave a slight improvement in speed & MPG.


A Bendix braking system was introduced and the chassis strengthened to cope with the increased stress that this new system produced. DWS Jacking system was fitted.  Lucas Startix system with manual or automatic setting was fitted to the deluxe model together with new instruments.


Options available at this time were a sliding roof, bumpers and wire wheels.


1933 October, the Claudel Hobson carburettor was changed to a down draught model


No further changes were made until the 12plus model was introduced in 1935.

Price List both.JPG
12655 (2)_InPixio.jpg

To see a copy of the 1932 Sports Coupe catalogue click here

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