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Armstrong Siddeley New 20hp

The Armstrong Siddeley 20hp is a car that embodies the sophistication and elegance of a bygone era. Released in 1931, this car was designed with the discerning gentleman in mind. Available with either Short or a Long wheelbase, they both offered a smooth and comfortable ride. The 3190 cc, 6-cylinder OHV engine provided sufficient power to propel the sumptuously appointed body of almost two tons effortlessly. Like all Armstrong Siddeley cars, they were equipped with a Wilson self-changing gearbox.

The first three images are publicity photographs issued by Armstrong Siddeley Motors for promotional purposes

1933 is it a 20hp.jpg

1933 20hp Town & Country Saloon

long 20 rally tourer (2) cut and up 150.JPG

1933 20hp Long Rally Tourer

1933 Long 20hp (2).jpg

1933 20hp Limousine

Three surviving 20hp saloons, the grey car is a LWB model. The green car is a SWB version is located in Australia

AUL 32 20 25 reduced.jpg

1933 20hp

1933 20hp.jpg

1933 20hp

1933 Armstrong Siddeley 20hp Short Chassis in  Australia.JPG

1933 20hp Short Chassis

The following images of a 1932 20hp Town and Country Saloon is a car that many enthusiasts consider to be the most original and unmolested pre-war Armstrong Siddeley. Note the original glass that has mellowed with age to carry a yellow tinge, the paintwork is the original cellulose whilst the engine is robust enough to have enabled the previous owners to embark on continental touring holidays in it.

Armstrong-Siddeley 20hp 1932 reduced.jpg
1932 20hp v3302652-1589815603-2780464 from pain.jpg
1932 20hp V2.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 1932 20hp Sphinx  Mascot.jpg
1932 20hp
1932 20hp 1.jpg

Further surviving 20hp motor cars

1933 Armstrong Siddeley 20ho Short chassis.jpg

1933 20hp Short Chassis


1933 20hp

Armstrong Siddeley 20hp 1932.jpg

1932 20hp

Armstrong Siddeley 1932 20hp .jpg

1932 20hp Tourer

Armstrong Siddelt 20hp long chassis linousine from paint.jpg

1936 20hp Limousine 

1936-armstrong-siddeley-long-20-limousine-outside-church up20 enhanced.jpg

1936 20hp Limousine 

The engine bay of the 20hp car

Armstrong Siddeley 1932 20hp engine.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 1934 20hp engine.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 1932 20hp engine.jpg

The 20hp interior, brown completely restored whilst the black is completely original

1934 20hp Scot 5.jpg
1934 20hp Scot3.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 20hp technical details jpeg reduced.jpg

The image below is the front page of a contemporary 20/25hp brochure, click on the sphinx to enter the brochure. 

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