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Armstrong Siddeley 16hp

The Armstrong Siddeley 20hp is a car that embodies the sophistication and elegance of a bygone era. Released in 1931, this car was designed with the discerning gentleman in mind. Available with either Short or a Long wheelbase, they both offered a smooth and comfortable ride. The 3190 cc, 6-cylinder OHV engine provided sufficient power to propel the sumptuously appointed body of almost two tons effortlessly. Like all Armstrong Siddeley cars, they were equipped with a Wilson self-changing gearbox.

1940 16hp.jpg

1940 16hp Coach Saloon

Armstrong Siddeley 1938 16hp GVK 914.jpg

1938 16hp Coach Saloon

1938_9 16hp Gray wire wheels.jpg

1939 Town and Country saloon with optional wire wheels

Armstrong Siddeley 16hp dashboard reduced.JPG
Armstrong Siddeley 16hp
Armstrong Siddeley 16hp BOW 978 reduced.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 16hp engine.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 16hp 1938/9.jpg
Armstrong iddeley 16hp 1938/9.jpg
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