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Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Gallery

The new 17hp model was introduced to the press on September 28th 1934, whilst it was a largely development of the previous 15hp model it had a new overhead valve engine of 2169cc. and was available on either a short or long chassis variant. In keeping with Armstrong Siddeley Motors policy, Wilson Epicycle self-changing type and was independently suspended within the chassis of the

The Newton clutch was introduced at the 1936 Motor Show, this centrifugal device enabled smoother gear changes, especially from first to second.

Armstrong Siddeley 1937 17hp.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 17hp.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 17hp.jpg

17hp motor cars with bodies produced by the in-house coach bulider Burlington, the green car is owned by ASHT

1935 17hp Salmons Tickford.jpg
1935 17hp Salmons Tickford Laudaulette2.jpg
1935 17hp Salmons Tickford Laundalette.jpg

A 17hp with a Salmons Tickford open body that operated by inserting and turning a handle in the rear quarter-panel

Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Sorts Foursome
Aremstrong Siddeley 1935 Sports Foursome Black.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 1935 Sports Foursome blue 2.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley  1935 17hp Salmons Tickford Interior 1.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley  1935 17hp Salmons Tickford Interior 2.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley  1935 17hp Salmons Tickford Interior 3.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Maltby dhc.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley-17hp-Maltby-2.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley-17hp-Maltby.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley 1935 17hp open car.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley1935 17hp Saloon wide.jpg
1935 17hp Sports foursome.jpg
Armsrong Siddeley 17hp Sports Foursome.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley17hp Atalanta
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