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Images from the Heritage Archives

Updated: May 2, 2022

Harrods of London has always had a reputation for selling a range of luxury items such as high-end food to extravagant jewellery; in the 1920’s this included motor cars and chauffeured services from their purpose built garage in south London.

The garage was completed in 1911 and was located in Sloan Street, Chelsea, under a mile from their famous store in Knightsbridge. Harrods offered a variety of options for customers to experience the joys of motoring as shown in the following adverts.

It is interesting to note that neither advert gives any technical details that you would always find in

a manufacturers brochure, perhaps you were expected to assume anything purchased from Harrods would be fit for purpose!

In the following picture we see an Armstrong Siddeley 30hp touring car complete with chauffeur and paying passengers, could they be a wealthy American family touring the country?


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