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News of a Web update

Continuing with the development of the history and facts concerning the Armstrong Siddeley car models from their introduction in 1919 we are pleased to announce that the research concerning John Siddeley's second model, the 18hp car is now completed and ready to be viewed. Simply hover over the heading Cars 1919-1939 and then click on the 18hp button that is displayed.

This picture may give a somewhat romantic view of car ownership back in the early days. Oddly enough when away from the daily task it was very common for families, often joined by friends or relatives to set of for a drive in the country, just for the sheer pleasure of an explorative outing.

Parking up on a wide roadside verge for a picnic was quite common place and even on main roads at weekends one would be passed by only a handful of other motorists. A cheery wave indicated that all was well and breakdown assistance was not required. Even as late as November 1959 when the first section of the M1 was opened the police were required to patrol in order to guide motorists as to the correct use of the new road. Many cars were not up to sustained higher speeds and broke down. Hard for us to believe today, but resorting to having a picnic while awaiting rescue on the edge of the carriageway or even the grassy area between the carriageways was not all that uncommon. How things have changed.

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