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Pictures from the Heritage Archives.

The cars were now in the showrooms of the main dealers who in turn supplied the retail garages in their area of responsibility. However Armstrong Siddeley Motors were still actively promoting the brand in the support given by company advertising.

The in house publicity department was active in providing suitable material for incorporating into dealer showroom displays and promotions. National advertising was often coupled with names such as Castrol oil, Salisbury transmissions, and Lodge spark plugs.

In the Heritage archives we have a number of pictures which have been prepared with a view to showing the type of end purchaser who would secure a new Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346.

In the first picture the Harley Street Specialist is collected from his home in the exclusive Borough of St Marylebone, W.1.

While in the second picture, 2 barristers are possibly exchanging views on a recent case whilst the gentleman wearing a bowler hat, possibly court official hovers by the passenger door. It is interesting that in these pictures there is an assumption that each would be chauffeur driven.


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