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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

From 1928 through 1932 and beyond, the economic and political climate in the UK was very complex and difficult, affecting all types of industry. This in turn adversely affected the working public and caused vast long term unemployment. Car makers were not excluded and some even considered mergers in order to survive. As it turned out it would be the smaller models from Austin, Morris and Ford which would dominate the market through the 1930s.

Perhaps rather surprisingly, it was during these years that Armstrong Siddeley developed the 18hp into an excellent 20hp model replacing the 30hp car which had over twelve years been constantly updated but was now due for retirement.

The 15 hp car continued to be refined through several marks. In the advert above, dated 1929, it is the Fabric Saloon which is featured, at the remarkably low price of £360. It was a great deal of car for the money.

A 12 hp car was introduced in 1929 which sported the smallest six cylinder engine then produced.

All these vehicles came with a large range of body styles and to make driving easier the revolutionary silent self changing four speed preselective gear box was introduced. To cap all this positive activity during these years John Siddeley was developing a high performance luxury car which would be known as the Siddeley Special.

It might, with some justification, be thought that the aircraft and aero engine side of the business acted as something of a cushion during this time. However it is probably more likely that the determined, diligent, entrepreneurial skills of John Siddeley had much more to do with the outcome.


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