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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

Continuing with our War time theme our first picture this week shows a rather different method of advertising.

The Joint War Organisation had been formed in 1914, at the commencement of the First World War and was revived at the outbreak of the second in 1939. This voluntary, non government organisation was formed by the coming together of the Red Cross, St John Ambulance and in Scotland the St Andrew's Ambulance Association. Fund raising activities and resources were pooled and everyone worked together under the protective emblem of the Red Cross. Much could be written concerning the good work done on the home front, with POWs, or on the international front, also with the returning disabled military and with displaced persons.

Here we see one of the many fundraising events which was part of the Duke of Gloucester's Red Cross and St John appeal. Over £54 million was raised by 1946.

It is interesting to see the shape of future motoring.

Another reminder of successes past and belief in a soon return to normality.

Note the Sphinx has changed somewhat. Now more just a representation, replacing the former full bodied styles of the past.

At the end of war, as would be expected, the UK motor industry was static and any new cars which did appear were almost unchanged from those produced in the 1938-1942 era. The exception was Armstrong Siddeley who hit the tarmac on the first day of peace with the new Hurricane 16hp car, a three position drop head coupe. Soon additional body styles would follow as we will see in next weeks jottings.


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