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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Two more pictures from the Bryan Goodman collection.

Proud owner with his MK1 Armstrong Siddeley Fourteen Four open saloon. A note on the reverse of the picture makes reference to the Autocar magazine issue of 6th July 1923. Was it a cover picture or perhaps an article contained therein?

Certainly this car having cantilever front springs and lacking a gauge on the scuttle mounted petrol cap would confirm the year to be correct.

Harking back to 1911 we have an image of a Armstrong Whitworth B 3 15.9hp with landaulette body. Note the brackets for the mounting of the acetylene head lights. The large round suitcase on the roof is of interest and one wonders what it might contain, a musical instrument perhaps, or m'ladies hats? A spare wheel would be good, but that's most unlikely.


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