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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

This week we take a look at the passenger accommodation provided on board the Argosy.

The first passenger carrying flight was from London to Paris on the 16th of July 1926, later further routes were opened up to Brussels and Cologne. The interior of the aircraft was, by the standards of the day, spacious with comfortable seating and overhead racks for carry on items. Each seat had an opening window next to it.

Your steward awaits, all passenger flights had a steward on board. Initially, drinks and sandwiches were available.

Here we see the steward in action serving drinks to two very happy ladies. The following image is an early copy of the refreshments available in flight. Note the chart on the left of the card showing the places that they would fly over and the respective mileage.

The cabin service was taken to a new level in May 1927 when Imperial upgraded their Silver Wing Service. Initially, this was a four course luncheon offered on the midday flight to Paris; this was later supplemented with Dinner on the evening flights and breakfast in the early morning.

This is the rather comfortable passenger accommodation complete with the steward. If you look closely at the image you will see the drinks cabinet opposite the steward with a door to the toilets behind him.

The stewards duties extended beyond cabin service they were also required to purchase and prepare the onboard meals, stewards would often be seen in Croydon’s Surrey street market looking for suitable ingredients.


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