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Interesting Cars with Interesting Histories. – part 1  

H.J.A. Bert Hinkler was born in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia on the 8th December 1892. In 1813 he came to the UK and found employment first with The Sopwith Aviation Company and later with A.V. Roe and Company. Both of these aircraft companies would in 1935 become part of the Hawker Siddeley Group.

As a designer of early aircraft and a keen flyer, despite mechanical setbacks and other survivable mishaps, Bert began to set many records, for example, a nonstop flight from England to Latvia. However it is as the first person to make a solo flight from England to Australia that he is particularly remembered. Departing the UK on the 7th February 1928 in a single engine Avro Avian biplane he made his Australian land fall at Darwin on the 22nd and reached his home town of Bundaberg on the 27th. In recognition of his achievements he was given a parade of honour through the streets of Brisbane on 6th March. The car used for the occasion was a 1926, Armstrong Siddeley MkII 20hp fitted with open tourer bodywork, made by the Brisbane company, Peel Body Works.

Turning now our attention to the car, it is of little surprise that sadly with the passing of time and having passed through a number of hands, sadly, it fared as do many,

However with a sponsor, a community grant and considerable input by the Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia a total rebuild of this iconic car was undertaken. The car is now on display in the Hinkler Hall of Aviation at the Mildenhall museum Bundaberg  Australia.


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