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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Motoring memories

Continuing with our memories of motoring from the time before and after the Second World War, we are indebted to Keith Dewhurst for the content of the two pictures we are displaying this week. For those of us who were youngsters after the war they bring back many happy memories of a time when the seasons, were seasons. In summer the sun seemed always to shine and in winter there were pavement 'slides' and tobogganing on the side streets. The steeper the road the better, though perchance the adults did not share our enthusiasm. These were days when many new to winter motoring learned often the hard way, about the need for antifreeze and the benefits of suitable tyres for snowy conditions.

On this sample page see how simple, clear and informative are the instructions for the suggested tour. The cautionary remarks at the end of paragraph three in the first column are a delight. Both older and more modern, less expensive models from the Ford, Standard, Morris and Austin ranges feature in the photo, and don't forget the scooter rider, showing that motoring was for all, heralding the soon to come boom in car ownership.


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