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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

The prospect of a coming conflict was not completely unexpected in the run up to the declaration of war on 14th August 1914. The Government had been purchasing running chassis from various manufacturers, including Siddeley-Deasy, then fitting these with standard, mass produced ambulance and staff car bodies.

Siddeley-Deasy equipped as an ambulance

On all sides there was a belief, much mistaken as it would prove, that 'it would all be over by Christmas.' Consequently many companies began closing down for the duration of the war by encouraging workers to volunteer for military duties, as the workshops fell silent.

Two weeks into the war John Siddeley was brought up short, when an order for 100 Stoneleigh chassis fitted as ambulances, field kitchens and a few as fuel tankers was placed. Hastily recalling of all the men so that he could start day and night shifts, with employees often working 90 to 110 hours a week. This was how it would be for the next 4 years. The company expanded into the development and manufacture of aircraft engines and airframes.

RE 8 aircraft made by SD under licence for the British Government

Little surprise therefore that the need for advertising became superfluous and so it is this week the advert at the head is from 1916 while that which concludes this jotting, proclaims in 1918 all that Siddeley-Deasy accomplished for the war effort.


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