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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

Continuing our forage into the advertising of the Siddeley Special, this advert placed in Country Life magazine on 10th November 1934, shown below, is of particular interest as it depicts the three body styles produced by the in house Burlington Coachworks.

The Siddeley Special was, in keeping with most models of Armstrong Siddeley cars, available in Chassis form and as was particularly common in this sector of the market, put into the hands of outside Coachbuilders for clothing in a body style chosen by the new owner.

Hooper and Co, Thrupp and Maberley, Vanden Plas, Salmons and Sons, Park Ward, Arthur Mulliner and cousins H.J Mulliner, Gurney Nutting, Martin Walter, and Lancefield were all commissioned, some just for a for 'one off', to form bodies to suit the taste and whim of rich purchasers.

However it would be safe to say that of the 253 Specials produced the majority were constructed in house by Burlington Coachworks.

This Lancefield Streamlined Saloon based on the 11ft short chassis was sold to financier George Wainsborough. Certainly impressive and sure to turn heads.

The advert above featured the car purchased by Sir Malcolm Campbell and highlights his satisfaction with the car.

Amongst the many famous Siddeley Special owners were HRH Prince Axtel of Denmark, Sir Alan Cobham, Count Labia - Italian Ambassador to South Africa, and Mirabelle Topham - owner of Aintree Racecourse.

Between 25 and 30 Siddeley Specials are know to have survived the passage of time and a number are 'on the road' and attend AS Club events.

(Part three next week)


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