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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

The facia board has now been fitted and the electrical department are back in action. This smart young man, complete with 'collar and tie' under the brown dust coat is connecting the plethora of wires to the instruments and switches. Note the pad used to protect the veneers. For the average present day owner this instrument panel secured by two Dzus fasteners is a nightmare area, even if only to change a bulb. As with many tasks it looks simple but is in fact a highly skilled operation.

The gear changing lever to the left of the steering wheel tells us this is a manual version of the 346. Four gears and reverse could be selected. Positioned here, as was common practice at the time, three persons could be accommodated on the front seat with ease. The tube shaped item to the left is the handle for the operation of the fresh air vent, situated outside in the centre of the scuttle.


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