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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Continuing with pictures from the Bryan Goodman collection we have an unusual advertising card, approximately 7 x 5 inches, which also doubles as a letter. Being Scottish himself the writer refrains from making any further comment concerning the canniness of such an arrangement.

This picture is crammed with interesting detail. First, the car is an Armstrong Siddeley long fifteen. To the right of the car the Theo, Samda multiple petrol pump is the latest technology. This 'visible' pump, in this instance, is electrically operated. Through underground connections six different brands or grades of petrol could be supplied without cross contamination. Made in Liverpool using a heavy thick cast iron casing and brass fittings it operated by sucking air out of the five gallon glass cylinder and thus drawing in the chosen type of fuel from as little as half a gallon to five gallons per setting. Note the brands and prices shown on the discs fixed to the wall above. A gallon of fuel cost from one shilling, one and a half pennies (5.5 pence today) to an exorbitant one shilling, five and a half pennies. (7.5 pence today) for the top grade. Note the Bowser oil dispenser, the Eco air line with neat self retracting hose and finally the cigarettes dispensed in sixpenny or shilling packs.

On the back of the card a letter of appreciation from W.M. Crombie to the Theo Company. Many serious collectors today would agree with his sentiments as this is considered to be the ultimate pump to have in any collection.

Another attempt at advertising but in a more homespun manner is this Taxi Service being offered in the Bradford area.

On the back of the card, hand written, a message which says it all, simple but no doubt effective.

' Bradford Taxi Service - Owned by George Pratt of Manningham - Bradford ' and what appears to be a telephone number.


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