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Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft 1920 Argosy

Armstrong Whitworth Argosy

Armstrong Siddeley Typhoon Sports Saloon

Armstrong Siddeley Typhoon

The last Armstrong Siddeley motor car (Star Sapphire) left the Parkside works in 1960.  In the intervening years the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club has maintained the history of the company in terms of the cars and their long term survival. However, it has become increasingly clear that as the years go by significant  knowledge and historical artefacts remain in danger of being lost or forgotten forever.

The trust, inaugurated in 2005, was formed to ensure future generations have the opportunity to fully appreciate the significant role that J D Siddeley, Armstrong Siddeley and associated companies played in the world's motor and aero industries. The prime role of the Trust is to provide the means and organisation to safeguard the names, records and products of the companies for posterity and the enjoyment of future generations.

Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF11

Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF 11

Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah aero-engine

Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah

In the archives of this site you will find articles and images of Armstrong Siddeley motor cars and aero engines, Armstrong Whitworth aircraft and other products that these companies manufactured, also the wider appropriate historic and anecdotal background.

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