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Armstrong Siddeley Centre Pentre – update.

Since we last mentioned the Armstrong Siddeley Centre in our Jotting of 23rd June 2023 it has been ‘all hands on deck’ helping our sister organisation complete the move from Conkwell to Pentre. A greater task than ever imagined. After 50 years of trading and the inevitable build-up of remanufactured and usable used spares, it is amazing just how much there is and what is available. Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club is believed to be the only one-make car club to have its own parts department.

However, built around the third weekend of October, a small band of eager workers joined to make some serious changes to the upper floor of the Heritage Trust Unit. The second window had been installed prior to our arrival so after a brief but positive discussion concerning the layout of the room to meet our expected future requirements, work proceeded with the insulation and cladding of the outer wall around these windows.

Meanwhile others were clearing the area and constructing the stud walls to form the store room which will hold the Club Library and Heritage papers, along with any delicate artefacts. Protected from direct sunlight and the excesses of temperature the room is stepped back from the window, which in turn allows space for a handy working area where items may be examined in natural light. The new wall cladding was prepared and duly painted.

Several other small matters were fixed and preparations made for the next working visit when amongst other things the insulation of the remaining section of outside wall will be completed.

Wherever former partitions have been dismantled, the timbers after de-nailing and cleaning have been reused. Prudent purchasing and the generous giving of time, sundry materials and effort, enabled much to be accomplished at minimum cost. To those who are supporting, and continue to finance our project, we give our grateful thanks and the assurance that every pound is being well spent.

To use this form please click on it and copy to your favourite word type document, print it out, complete and return to:

Southleigh, Reading Road, Burghfield Common, Reading, RG7 3BL.

Please remember to send your donations by cheque or bank transfer as shown on the form.


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