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Pictured from the Heritage Archives

A Thoughtful Gesture.

This year the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club held their annual ‘National Gathering’ over the weekend commencing the 7th July. The main event was held on the Sunday at Grimsthorpe Castle near Peterborough. (In Google type Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club and under images select the video showing Siddeley Drive, for a very good review.)

Meanwhile on the Island of Jersey Armstrong Siddeley friends were visiting relatives and decided to commemorate the weekend by placing flowers and a kindly inscription on the grave of John Siddeley and his wife. Subsequent to WWII the Siddeleys moved to Jersey, where relaxing after a hectic and productive life they concluded their days, enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of the island. This kindly act of remembrance was noticed by the Siddeleys great grand-daughter who lives locally, and we thank her for her appreciation of the gesture.


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