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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

A Trio of Twelves.

Armstrong Siddeley introduced the 12hp car in 1929 and it remained a purchase choice through until 1935. At launch with a 1236cc capacity it was one of the smallest 6 cylinder car engines in use in Britain, and as a side-valve engine a break away from Armstrong Siddeley’s established practice. Influenced by a shrewd reading of the British and World economic situation in 1929, and the trends within the car manufacturing industry, the Armstrong Siddeley Motors’ policy of smaller models allowed it to remain solvent through the worst of the depression of the early 1930s.

Maintaining quality, sound engineering and exceptional value for money the Mk.2 12hp cars were launched in October 1930. Principal changes were the modifications raising the engine capacity to 1434cc, the introduction of the new self-changing gearbox, 3 speed for the economy model and for the standard model, 4 speed, with the return of the traditional Armstrong Siddeley V-radiator.

These stylish little cars with easy gear changing were favoured by the wives and daughters of gentlemen. A fact picked up by the ASM publicity department.


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