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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Regular readers may recall that we showed, sometime past, the adjacent buildings at Pentre in Shropshire, which the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club and the Armstrong Siddeley Heritage Trust are occupying. - The Armstrong Siddeley Centre where all things Armstrong Siddeley will be brought together over time.

During the past year the Trust has been securing from the now sadly closed Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, Armstrong Siddeley related papers and a range of cabinet display sized artefacts. A few of these have already appeared in these columns.

This week we look at one of the larger, stand alone, items which will be part of the displays planned for the raised section of the ground floor of our Heritage Trust unit at Pentre.

Amongst the wealth of detail on this model even the torpedo on the deck looks pretty formidable.

For more detailed information concerning these Motor Torpedo Boats scroll back to the Jotting of September 18th 2020 or Click here


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