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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Production complete, the cars were now ready to be sent out to agents and individual garages. Many to fulfill orders already placed, while others graced the showrooms visited by a public growing ever more affluent and eager to own one of Britain's quality cars.

In this first picture taken from the factory records we see a Bentley nestling between the Star Sapphires. From the list posted in the window, it appears among the second hand offerings from Austin, Morris and Ford there is an Armstrong Siddeley Whitley. Most probably taken in part exchange for a new 346 Sapphire.

Our second picture takes us to London and standing outside Welbeck Motors showroom, is a highly polished 346 Sapphire Limousine awaiting delivery to the Philippines Embassy, then at 9 Palace Green W8. Note the additional lock and crest on the rear door and at the front of the car wing mirrors, CD badge and the private number plate. Fitted behind the Sphinx mascot there is a very substantial flagstaff. For the technically minded, note the heavy duty rear springs and the balance weight on the front wheel.


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