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Pictures from the Heritage Archives.

When meeting one's son’s head master of a prestigious college arriving in an Armstrong Siddeley, surely, gives meaning to the company’s mantra, 'there cannot be a better car'.

In both of the pictures this week there seems to be a move from the chauffeur driven car to that of the owner-driver.

The 346 Sapphire was the model having the largest volume of production by Armstrong Siddeley Motors, numbering 7680 saloon cars and 381 Limousines. One would expect all of the limousines to have been driven by a chauffeur, but not so the cars. Research shows that the limousine was not introduced until the summer of 1955, about half way through production, which may well explain the early emphasis on chauffeur’s by the publicity department.

The second picture is just one of enjoyment and pleasure. Life is good.


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