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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Workers cars

Over the past weeks we have viewed many of the skilled workers as they toiled at their varied tasks to bring about motors of superb quality. But what was life like for the workers? Perhaps a look at their transport parked around the works will give us a clue. In this next section we are again indebted to an unknown photographer who roamed the streets around the Parkside factory capturing the workers transport and incidentally the factory and domestic buildings. The year is not recorded but somewhere around 1955 we think would be appropriate.

Our first picture shows part of the main building and in the street a fine cross section of the workers transport ranging from vans through elderly cars, a couple of motorbikes and in the distance several A.S. 346 cars. The cyclists were well provided for as there was an extensive bike shed, behind which the A.S. Rifle Club had their range.

In our second picture Quarryfield Road is behind us as we look down the first stretch of Parkside. Gate 2 is just to our left. On the right is the Bike shed and it seems that post war prosperity has replaced some cycles with cars occupying the front rank. Inside the pitch roofed section is the kingdom of the push bike with the rifle range behind. Our final picture this week is of a medal associated with the Rifle Club showing that it had its roots right from the early days of Siddeley activities at Parkside. On the rear is the inscription 'Coventry Rifle League 1913 - 1914 Siddeley Deasy'. We wonder if the experience gained on home ground gave them the edge which allowed them to survive the four years which followed.


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