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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Workers cars part three

For workers living near the factory public transport, cycling and walking would have been the order of the day, but the coaches in this picture make us wonder if there was some sort of arrangement made by the company with a local contractor to bring in those living in the outlying villages.

As there are no drivers in attendance and the photo was apparently taken at some time during the working day, might it be that groups of workers banded together to save cost and avoid having to find a parking space? If this is the case it shows that Andy who's name is prominent on the left hand indicator board of the central coach has an entrepreneurial spirit echoing Siddeley himself.

Perhaps one of our readers remembers how things were back then, please let us know.

With a glove and what appears to be an envelope lying in the road it seems that someone was in a rush to clock-in in time.

The medallion in this picture was presented in 1923/4 and is the - Armstrong Siddeley Girl's Physical Culture, merit award.

As we shall discover just one aspect of the many facilities and options provided by the company for the physical welfare of the employees. It is good to see that in this heavily male biased work force the ladies were not forgotten.


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