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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Workers cars part four

This photo is believed to show part of the first floor level parking provided for the office staff. Access was from Parkside through gate one which was almost opposite Short Street. These parking spaces are named, also note the broken glass affixed to the top of the wall which was at the time a very popular anti-theft measure.

The first car to the left and the fifth are 18hp. Armstrong Siddeley Whitley’s which were first introduced mid February1950. The second is a Daimler DB18 from the late 1940s, next is a Sunbeam Talbot 90 which to many conjures up recollections Sheila Van Damm, in particular as part of the 1954 Rootes Monte Carlo team. This was a year when an Armstrong Siddeley 346 car also took part as preparation for a team entry the following year.

Continuing up the line we have an Austin Devon, manufactured from 1947 till 1952 which was the first post war saloon produced by that company. The final car is an Austin 18 Norfolk from 1938/39. It was an inline six of 2.5 ltrs and proves that VW were not alone in thinking of the split rear screen.

It was not uncommon for Armstrong Siddeley to call on the services of performers visiting the entertainment venues of Coventry. Many well known comedians and singers graced the Christmas and promotional dinners of the various company departments. On this occasion it is three members of the Saddlers Wells Opera who are being shown the delights of Armstrong Siddeley's latest offering - the 346 Sapphire.


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