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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Workers cars part five

In this picture we are standing where Paradise Street sweeps round to meet Parkside giving us a view over the waste land, so handy for parking. In the distance we can see two of the three spires which dominate the city of Coventry, to the left, that of the early medieval Holy Trinity church and to the right the spire of the war damaged section of the Cathedral. Just out of sight to our left is 'Gate 2' and behind us the Sphinx Social Club.

Again we have an interesting collection of vehicles. Note the motorbike and sidecar tucked in beside the attractive little Austin and behind the rather new looking Standard. The lack of chrome around the radiator suggests an eight rather than a ten. In the middle of the waste ground we see yet another type of transport, the three wheeled Bond Minicar. There is an early split screen Morris Minor by the lamp post and could that be a Lea Frances behind the Austin Somerset parked by the distant kerb.

We have commented in previous jottings that there was a long tradition of 'out of work time' activities. On this occasion we have discovered a picture of one of the many choirs which flourished over the years.

Doubtless they performed in the Sphinx Social Club but I wonder if they ever took part in one of the Cathedral events. Again we ask, do you have any information which would further enlighten us? Just click on this web site Home page and you will find a handy contact source. It would be good to hear from you.

Our second picture was found as an Armstrong Siddeley in house magazine page and consequently lacks our usual clarity of image. However its historical merit makes it worthy for inclusion.


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