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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

The body shells, still mounted on dolly and track, have now reached the paint shop. The impressive extractor fan over the spray booth seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping the cellulose vapours away from the workers. The labour intensive nature of the work is also very evident. To any of us who have polished a car in one session the fatigue by the end of each shift can be imagined.

Armstrong Siddeley Motors chose carefully a pallet of colours which complemented the shape of the body, making them an integral part of the design. For cars bearing a two colour scheme the general preference was for the darker colour to be at the top.

It has been said that a new owner could have any colour he wished. A phrase often quoted by today's owners choosing a colour on completing a restoration. It is true that such was the case, but that it added six weeks to the delivery time.


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