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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Armstrong Siddeley in Adverts

The pictures in our 'Jottings' column in December last, featured the final cars manufactured by the Armstrong Siddeley Company. As we enter a new year it seems appropriate that we should consider how John Siddeley started and came to make his mark in automobile production, such that his name would be associated with car manufacture for almost 60 years.

A 1899 Daimler similar to the on driven by John Siddeley in the 1900 1000 mile trial

Credit National Motor Museum Beaulieu

In the closing decades of the 1800s John Siddeley, a passionate cyclist, worked for Humber Cycles, winning races and organising long distance events. After a short time with Dunlop Tyres he formed his own Clipper Tyre Company selling tyres for cycles but also for the new development in transport, automobiles.

In 1901 his experience driving a Daimler car fitted with his Clipper tyres in a 1000 mile tour turned his thoughts to making cars himself. Early in 1902 he formed the Siddeley Autocar Company. Initially he imported Peugeot parts and clothed them with an English made body. The 1902 car below is the only known survivor of this, his first step into what would prove to be a very successful lifetime in car production.

1902 Siddeley Autocar with Peugeot mechanics and an English body


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