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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in advertising

The year was 1930 and now Armstrong Siddeley had four sizes of car on offer to the public - the 30hp, the 20hp, the 15hp and the new12hp. Along with the revolutionary pre-selective gear change available on all cars, Armstrong Siddeley certainly qualified for a place on any buyers 'wish list'. Although competitively priced and superb value for money, the economic situation in the nation meant it was for many just a 'pipe dream'. But, as always, there were those who could afford the latest and the best.

Unusually, in this advert, it is the lady who is recommending the cars and this is possibly to emphasise the ease of driving with the new self changing gears.

Here we have a commendation by a proud owner living in the Bradford area. With 24 years motoring experience he neatly encapsulates the progress that the motorcar had made from conception in just over 30 years.

Many ways were used to promote and show the benefits of the pre-selective self changing gear box. The converted 20hp car in the picture above certainly got over the problem of cramming the interior of the car to show a crowd of interested people how the system worked.

Catch phrases such as 'A touch with the finger,' A press with the foot' would dispel the fears any might have of 'crash box' gear changing. Then again - Armstrong Siddeley 'A car for the daughters of gentleman' - which certainly boosted sales of the 12hp and 15hp cars as gentleman purchased a second car for daughter, or perhaps wife.


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